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MBC Section TV mid-year review (SNSD dating scandals)

4 couples were revealed earlier this year, only 3 members do not have any dating scandals (Yuri, Sunny & Seohyun).

Male reporter: Seohyun still has the innocent and pure image

MC: When do you think she can stop maintaining that image?

Male reporter: Ah, i think she will be the last to reveal

Female reporter: in other words, she is the maknae that needs to be protected

Male reporter: Yes, because of her pure image, she seems to be untouchable.

Female reporter: But Seohyun needs to be in love too, you can’t keep protecting her. 

nurse hyunmione granger

nurse hyunmione granger

Fangirl Shidae

Queen Soshi is back - Mr. Mr

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Seohyun - Mr. Mr MV

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Seohyun vs Cheon Song Yi, everybody

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Oh, Seo Dubu~

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