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✿ Seohyun is my love...
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✿EXO - Luhan, Kris, Lay, Tao
✿VIXX - Leo, Hongbin,N
✿A Pink - Bomi, Hayoung, Chorong
✿Yoo Ara


Rapper hyun in da house—

“my name is seohyunnie

seohyunnie is rapping hyun hyun hyun~

our unnie is so~shi

my dongsaeng, I have none

oh, seo dubu!”

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Reasons to love Yixing:
↳ he loves his fans so much it makes my heart hurt

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Seohyun’s aegyo 

shy Hakyeon when asked about his ideal type once again

I know a place
where love grows infinitely.
Let me lead you there. {.}

the word “oppa” gives Suho strength \o/

Kris in Exo showtime ~~

[GIF] Seohyun at ICN 

oh hayoung: apink’s resident kwon yuri fangirl

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